The Paranoid Jew


By Dr. Elias Akleh, Intifada Palestine

“This anti-goyim, supremacist, racist, genocidal Judaic ideology had developed and imprinted a severe case of paranoid complex deep in the collective psyche of Jews, whose anti-goyim hate, treachery, unethical and immoral dealings produced a reactionary collective international anti-Jewish sentiment. Sorry Mr. Dershowitz it is the anti-goyimism in the Jewish collective psyche, not the anti-Semitism, that is the disease of the soul.”

During my graduate study of clinical psychology I learned about paranoia; a mental disorder inflicting individuals. This mental sickness is characterized by systematic delusions of persecution accompanied, many times, with delusions of grandeur and aggression towards others. I learned, later in life, that paranoia could also inflect a whole nation, such as Israel, and members of a specific religion, such as the Jews.

Since the beginning of their history the Jews had always complained about being hated, discriminated against, persecuted, and massacred. Jewish religious books, literature, school books, media outlets; newspapers, television, movies, routinely and constantly wail about their suffering in every part of this world and through every period of history. To perpetuate the memory of their suffering the Jews had erected Holocaust memorials in almost every western country, and had dedicated a wailing wall in Jerusalem.

Read the full story at – The Paranoid Jew | Intifada Palestine.


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